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Large Lakes of the World
Alphabetical Name List of Large Lakes
The 50 Largest Lakes
Lakes with large water volume
Deep Lakes
(including small lakes)
Pictures of World Lakes

Large Lakes with surface area in excess of 500km2
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Continent Number
of lakes
Countries (number of lakes)
ASIA 61 559 China(25), Russia(7),Kazakhstan(7), Mongolia(5),Turkey(4), Iran(3), Afghanistan(2), India(2),....., Japan(1)
AFRICA 23 197 Congo(6), Ethiopia(5), Uganda(4), Tanzania(3), Zambia(3),
EUROPE 25 61 Russia(11), Finland(5), Sweden(3), Germany(2), Switzerland(2)
NORTH AMERICA 122 486 Canada(97), USA(25), Nicaragua(2), Mexico(2)
SOUTH AMERICA 14 46 Argentina(8), Chile(4), Bolivia(2), Brazil(2)
OCEANIA 8 23 Australia(7), New Zealand(1)
TOTAL 253 1,372 fresh(188), brackish(15), salt(50)

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